The New Zealand Society of Authors established a print publishing prize in order to create a great opportunity for a New Zealand writer. This unique award was for an unpublished manuscript to be taken through to a published form and offered for sale in print form throughout New Zealand.

The NZ Authors were delighted to be able to offer the award again this year via a sponsorship from Kobo that helped to create a print book made available for sale in New Zealand and the e-book published to Kobo’s global catalog through Kobo Writing Life platform.

The award, administered by the New Zealand Society of Authors (NZ Authors) aims to recognize excellence in creative writing and create a launching pad for writers’ careers.

Kobo would like to congratulate all of the contestants on providing such amazing writing submissions to the contest! Kobo is proud and delighted to be a part of this Publishing Prize, and are excited to work collaboratively with NZ Authors to provide the opportunity to publish a professional book.

Kobo’s panel of judges enjoyed the experience.  Jodi White, Kobo Writing Life Operations Manager, and also a judge raves about her participation. “Playing a part in kick-starting an author’s career, ” she says, “is truly something the Kobo Writing Life team values and believes in.”

IMG_7215The winner of the award was Robin Sisley, for her Non-Fiction book, Eat the Wind.

New Zealand’s ‘Kaimanawa’ wild horses caught Robin Sisley’s attention in 1997 when they were mustered from the ranges and hundreds were destined for slaughter. Although inexperienced and certainly not a thrill-seeker, she was spurred by compassion and offered refuge to ten of the wild stallions.Saving, then learning to tame the wild horses is merely the beginning of Robin’s challenging yet rewarding adventure.

The stallions’ acute intelligence and beauty inspire her to continue taking in and training scores of wild horses, providing for all kinds of unexpected and exciting episodes.Humorous, tender, and inspirational, this story is chock-full of struggles and setbacks, chaos and triumph, and most importantly, tenacity, trust, and love.  Eat the Wind is an uplifting memoir you will never forget.

To her delight and amazement, the Kaimanawas respond to her in surprising ways. Over time, Robin fosters an unconventional, tight, and heartfelt kinship with her adopted band of wild horses.

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The resulting story, Eat the Wind, is the compelling true account of a woman whose passion overcame her fears, and allowed for the most remarkable experiences.