Spanish Contest - EntreKobo Writing Life is delighted to announce a new partnership in Spain with Entreescritores.com, a social network for Spanish readers to review new authors and books.

Through this partnership, both platforms seek to encourage novice authors to improve their work through feedback from readers’ reviews, enabling them to take the next step in their literary careers by selling their books professionally.

The best books published and reviewed on Entreescritores then get published and sold at Kobo.com via KWL, vetting quality content based on readers’ reviews. This process allows writers to receive feedback in order to improve their books before offering them for sale through KWL. The Kobo store thus hosts a specific Entreescritores page, presenting the best books from the Entreescritores platform.

Visit the Entreescritores page: http://store.kobobooks.com/es-ES/Collection/entreescritores

To celebrate this partnership, Kobo Writing life is supporting a contest launched by Entreescritores by offering two Kobo e-readers to the winners of the contest.

To learn more and enter the contest, please visit: http://blog.entreescritores.com/category/concursos/