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Open Day Writing Competition



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To celebrate the 2014 Writing & Self-Publishing Open Day, Kobo Writing Life and SilverWood Books are delighted to announce an exciting new writing competition.

The Open Day Writing Competition is geared towards original, unpublished or self-published, fictional, English language manuscripts.  The manuscript submitted must be the entrant’s own work, and the entrant must own the copyright to all work in its entirety.

One Winner and one Runner Up will be selected by a dedicated review panel on the basis of the combined strength of the synopsis and the single chapter submitted.


The First Prize will be a SilverWood-produced ebook published with KWL plus a paperback edition sponsored by Berforts Information Press, published and distributed by SilverWood Books (info here).

The Runner Up will receive a new Kobo Aura H2O as prize.


Entrants are to submit a single page synopsis (no longer than 500 words) of the plot of the book they would like to publish along with first chapter (no longer than 5,000 words). Entries must be submitted as a single Word document containing synopsis and first chapter with page 1 being the title page containing the entrant’s full contact details, title of work and author name.


To enter the competition and submit your manuscript please use this


The deadline to enter the Open Day Writing Competition is on

December 31st, 2014

Authors can read here the full Terms and Conditions of the

Open Day Writing Competition



 About SilverWood Books 

SilverWood Books provides self-funding authors with professional publishing services – expertly produced print and ebooks, designed, formatted and finished to the highest publishing industry standards. SilverWood works with a range of individual authors and organisations, including poets, novelists, financial institutions, mainstream authors and charitable enterprises.

SilverWood’s ebook conversion service ensures that each book is carefully laid out and formatted by hand (taking care to preserve features which can be lost in auto-conversion, such as page breaks, indents, italic or bold text, and correct line spacing). Files can be passed directly to the author for upload to Kobo Writing Life. Hardback and paperback editions are prepared and published with the same care and expertise as they would be in a mainstream publishing house. For more information please visit www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk.



About Berforts Press

Berforts Book Printing Group offers professional book printing for both hard and soft back books and journals. Our vision is simply to be the best at what we do, combining innovation with professionalism and providing a high quality, value for money and consistently first class service. For more information please visit www.berforts.co.uk.

14 Responses to “Open Day Writing Competition”

  1. raineyc

    Do I understand correctly that Australian writers are not eligible to enter?

    • kobowritinglife

      Yes, you understand correctly. It has to do with legislation within Australia governing contest rules rather than with any desire of ours to include Australian authors. 🙁

      • raineyc

        How sad! But not surprising. If you care to tell me what rules are getting in the way, I know some folk who might just be able to drive reforms. Lots of Aussie authors would love to enter the contest.

  2. Sally Jenkins

    The rules state a single-page synopsis of up to 500 words but also state that everything must be double-spaced and 12 pt font. 500 words double-spaced won’t fit on a single page. Fingers crossed that a single-spaced synopsis is acceptable!

  3. Rodd Dana

    We published our first book on Amazon Kindle two weeks ago, and today learned of your writing competition.
    Does publishing on KDP render us ineligible?
    If so, we have three additional finished manuscripts–now in the editing process. If our first book is ineligible for your up-coming competition, we shall seriously consider another offering.
    Rodd Dana.

    • Kobo Writing Life

      Hi Rodd,
      This competition is over. We often have other competitions so keep an eye on our blog for more.

  4. Sebastian Rook

    […] In 2014 and 2015 I’m on the judging panel for the Kobo Writing Life and SilverWood Books Open Day Competition, along with two other writers. You can read more on the SilverWood site and the Kobo Writing Life news page. […]


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