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One Fictitious Moment: Writing a Series

By Angela Misri­, author of Jewel of the Thames

Writing in a series is very different than writing a stand-alone novel. A stand-alone has its own benefits and issues – like that you have a limited time to tell an entire story and getting people to fall in love with your characters over a mere 80k words. But when you’re writing a series there are definitely things to keep in mind – check out my latest video to find out more!

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Amgela MisriAngela Misri is a Toronto journalist, writer and mom who has spent most of her working life making CBC Radio extraterrestrial through podcasts, live streams and websites. Her first book Jewel of the Thames, was published by Fierce Ink Press in March 2014 and is the first in a series called A Portia Adams Adventure. Check out Angela’s website to learn more about the Portia Adams series.

2 Responses to “One Fictitious Moment: Writing a Series”

  1. embercasey

    I wish I’d thought to make a “series bible” as I went along to keep all of my characters’ details straight! (though… I didn’t set out intended to write a series, so I’m forgiving myself this time, haha. But NEXT time…) Readers DEFINITELY notice! (Though it helps to have beta readers who are very detail-oriented. I caught most of my consistency mistakes that way.)


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