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Working in partnership with Kobo, Edinburgh International Book Festival has published its 2014 brochure through Kobo Writing Life. The Book Festival’s eBook brochure is now available on the Kobo Store across over 190 countries.

Readers can download it free, and read it across Kobo tablets and Kobo free reading apps.




If you already have a Kobo account and own either a Kobo tablet or a free Kobo reading app, you just have to download the brochure from the Kobo Store here

If you do not have a Kobo account or a Kobo reading app, follow our step-by-step guide below for an easy way to browse the Book Festival brochure anytime, anywhere.



Apps Page on Kobo Store

Kobo mobile reading apps are available for: Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows. You can also read the brochure on your laptop through the Kobo desktop app for Mac and PC.



Please, click here to download the free Kobo reading app.

Once you have installed the Kobo App, launch it, sign up to the Kobo Store and continue!



K App Create an AccountK App Sign up page






















After you have created your Kobo account you are ready to download and read the Book Festival’s eBook brochure. You can find the eBook by typing “edbookfest” in the search box.
























The Kobo app syncs all your bookmarks, so you can read between your smartphone, tablet, computer, or Kobo device and pick up right where you last left off.



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