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In the near future, Kobo will begin featuring book reviews!

Customers will be able to write reviews and choose star ratings for your titles and post them on the book page.

We want to give KWL authors the opportunity to begin collecting reviews for their titles before the feature goes live!

Here’s how: 

That’s it! You can use this Kobo Reviews link to collect as many reviews as you want.

You may notice that the page does not list every one of your books.  The catalog of books represents a cache that might not always have the most recently added titles – but it is updated on a continual basis, and if a title doesn’t appear now, it might appear in a few days.

Go ahead and post your Kobo Reviews link to social media, include it in your newsletter, and feature it on your website.

The more reviews you gather, the more customers will notice your title. So, get the word out!


  1. Michael Patrick Hicks

    Reblogged this on Michael Patrick Hicks and commented:
    Kobo will be implementing a review system soon for the titles sold at their bookstore. If you’re a Kobo reader, or even just somebody who has read and enjoyed CONVERGENCE, please leave a review and rating. Quality reviews do help make a difference and can help sway potential readers.

    I’m trying to round up some reviews for my book before this system goes live, so please submit your input at the following link. And, if you haven’t read my book yet, you can buy it through this very same page!


  2. Anna Erishkigal

    I found the website and pulled up my own books okay, but when I tried to transfer over some reviews from some other people’s books I’d read and reviewed in the past from LibraryThing it said ‘sign in with Facebook’ but then just kinda hung up and went nowhere. If readers try to sign in and get the runaround, all it will take is just once, and then they won’t ever go back to try to leave a review there again. People’s time is valuable and it’s hard enough getting them to leave a review without bugs. I hope you fix this.

    • kobowritinglife

      It appears to be a bug in the system of the third party that is collecting the reviews for us. We have reported it and are awaiting a resolution.

      • kobowritinglife

        Just a quick update – the third party is aware of the duplication – the good news is, that, no matter which of the two are clicked and reviewed, the reviews WILL be collected and added to the title listing on Kobo’s catalog as part of the forthcoming review and rating display.

  3. Kobo lanza Book Reviews

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  4. AuthorwAttitude

    Um… is there a way to refine the search as my combination seems to bring up every single author with the same last name, despite the + sign.

    • writinglife

      Hey, I’ll send you an email directly so we can look into this further.

  5. Judith Ashley

    I’m so happy Kobo is doing this and no longer relying on Amazon via Goodreads. I’m putting together a Review Writing Tips sheet because many of my readers have never written a review! This came at an auspicious time. Thanks!

  6. susanpclark

    My name is Susan Paulson Clark. I tried Susan+Clark, Susan+Paulson+Clark and other combinations but didn’t have any luck.

    • Kobo Writing Life

      Hi Susan, reviews are now available on our store so it’s no longer necessary to go through these steps. If you check your books product page, you’ll see the option to add a review.


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