KWL Director Mark Lefebvre is a guest on the latest episode (Episode 178) of The Creative Penn podcast hosted by author and professional speaker Joanna Penn.


Joanna and Mark at the Kobo booth at London Book Fair 2013

You can listen to the podcast online, download the mp3 directly or listen to it through your favourite podcaster (iTunes, etc). If you haven’t listened to Joanna’s amazing podcast, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favour by checking it out. And the great news is that there are over 175 episodes to listen to on all kinds of amazing topics that writers will benefit from. The video of the interview appears here for your convenience if you prefer to watch it online.

Joanna is also part of an amazing bundle with 11 other authors, and it’s called Deadly Dozen.  It has hit the USA Today Bestseller list and is currently trending in the #2 and #3 spots at Kobo Canada for sMystery & Suspense / International Thrillers and Mystery & Suspense / Police Procedural respectively.  The bundle is still only 99 cents (as of March 6, 2014) but will be going up to the regular price of $9.99 USD soon.


Kobo Canada screen shot of Deadly Dozen, a collection of mysteries and thrillers by J.F. Penn and 11 other amazing authors.

Check out Joanna’s books (Written as J.F. Penn) at Kobo.

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