When Kobo Writing Life Director Mark Lefebvre has been speaking to authors lately, he has regularly recommended they all check out a great new book.

writepublishrepeatWrite. Publish. Repeat. by Sean Platt, Johnny B. Truant & David Wright is a solid and well-rounded book that outlines what it takes to be successful in self-publishing,” Lefebvre says.  “One of the things I love best about this book is that it doesn’t make false promises. Instead, the authors repeat (and it definitely bears repeating) the fact that making a living off of writing takes a LOT of work, a lot of hard work. And that it takes time. And patience. Their book beautifully illustrates this through the authors’ own examples.”

Lefebvre has mentioned this book during recent talks to author groups in the east in Toronto and New York and in the west in cities such as  Seattle, Portland and Colorado Springs. He says he’ll likely continue to mention that authors read this book because it offers a comprehensive look at one simple fact; that there is no secret trick, except for writing a great book and keeping at it.

“When I talk to writers,” Lefebvre says, “I usually offer what I call The Three P’s of Self-Publishing Success.  Patience, Practice and Persistence. Keep writing, every day and never stop working at becoming better at the craft. Hang in there, because this isn’t a short-term game, but a long one that takes time, a lot of time.  And one of the best ways to sell your first book is to write your next book rather than losing time focusing on how to sell and market your first book.  Your target audience, if you understand who they are, takes time to grow; and the best thing you can give them is more great writing. These guys get it, and that’s part of the book’s main message. The message is that there is no secret or trick. There is strategy, for sure, but this book isn’t about tactics or gimmicks. It preaches an important element consistent in self-publishing success stories. Do the work.”

A writer himself, Lefebvre has read dozens of books on the craft and business of writing and publishing.  “And this one goes to the top of the list for relevant content,” he says.  But he’s not the only advocate. The book has been well received around the world. J.F. Penn (speaker, mastermind behind the amazing writer resource The Creative Penn and author of The Arkane Thrillers says:  “I’ve read a lot of books about writing, and this one stands out as being both practical and aspirational.”  Speaker, editor and thought leader Jane Friedman says, “It’s tough to find more honest and straight-forward marketing advice than what you’ll get from these indie authors.”

Lefebvre interviewed both Platt & Wright (who have written multiple serialized thrillers such as Yesterday’s Gone and Available Darkness) as well as Truant (author of Fat Vampire and co-author with Platt of The Beam) for the Kobo Writing Life Podcast in Episode 3 and Episode 8 respectively. Lefebvre jokes that while The Self-Publishing Podcast that Truant, Platt & Wright host (which Lefebvre is a fan of) is definitely not safe for work due to some four letter words the three occasionally pepper in their impassioned discussions about writing and publishing, “the guys all managed kept it clean and 100% on topic for the KWL interviews”)

Check out Write. Publish. Repeat at Kobo.

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