Camille Mofidi, European Manager for Kobo Writing Life, interviewed three authors that Kobo sponsored for the 2013 Frankfurt Book Fair Author Walk of Fame:  Emily Bold, Kristie Cook and Hugh Howey.

This is the second of the series of three interviews and features bestselling New Adult paranormal romance author Kristie Cook.

Camille and Kristie discuss:

  • kristie_cook_2Kristie’s bestselling series Soul Saver
  • An exploration of Kristie’s path to writing which began at the age of 8 years when she embraced a school writing assignment
  • Kristie’s experience in business and marketing writing and how that background helped provide her with a solid understanding of good marketing strategies for her books
  • The importance of taking a business perspective and a professional midset
  • Kristie’s POV regarding flying across the ocean from the US to Germany and the UK for attend both Frankfurt Book Fair and London Book Fair in 2013
  • How meeting with Kobo representatives in person at the London Book Fair was the highlight of Kristi’s visit to LBF back in April 2013
  • The importance of making contacts and the long term view of a writing a publishing career
  • Kristie’s thoughts on being a KWL Star on the Frankfurt Author Walk of Fame
  • The inspiration for Kristie’s novel The Space Between (which is in her The Book of Phoenix series)
  • How self publishing authors help and support each other out and don’t see one another as competitors, but rather as colleagues

KWL Director Mark Lefebvre discusses one of the recently introduced Kobo Writing Life Dashboard tools, the Price Scheduling tool (for scheduling temporary/promotional or permanent price changes), why the KWL team developed this for KWL authors and publishers, and how price scheduling and being able to make your book free at other times without exclusivity requests are a hallmark of the Kobo and Kobo Writing Life spirit.

cook walk of fame

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