Camille Mofidi, European Manager for Kobo Writing Life interviewed three authors that Kobo sponsored for the 2013 Frankfurt Book Fair Author Walk of Fame:  Emily Bold, Kristie Cook and Hugh Howey.

This is the first of the series of three interviews and features bestselling romance author Emily Bold.

emilyTune in to hear Camille and Emily discuss:

  • Writing and reading historical romance
  • Young Adult series THE CURSED set in Scotland
  • How Emily started off as a writer and then as a publisher
  • The role that Emily’s husband plays in supporting her entrepreneurial efforts, including making book trailers
  • A look at the German market for self-publishing and indie publishing and how the publishing landscape has begun to shift
  • How two years ago at Frankfurt, Emily was shy to use the term “author” to describe herself; and how now she is there providing advice to other authors
  • The differing timelines of waiting within traditional publishing
  • How Emily found a translator to get her books from German to English
  • Emily is working with Tina Folsom’s editor, and how self-publish authors from around the globe assist and support one another
  • How Emily’s Spanish agent is working at the process of selling foreign language rights to her work

This episode also includes the audio of a presentation that Kobo’s Chief Content Officer Michael Tamblyn gave at Futurebook Conference November 2013 regarding this past October’s “Eroticagate”

Visit Emily at her website.

Check out The Curse series.

Emily Bold’s books at Kobo.

Camille and Emily in Frankfurt!

Camille and Emily in Frankfurt!