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Calling all NaNoWriMo winners: it’s time to grab your prizes!

Huge congratulations to all of you NaNoWriMo winners! You put in long hours and hard work, and it paid off – now a bounty of amazing prizes awaits you. As a proud sponsor of NaNoWriMo, Kobo Writing Life is offering 10 FREE eBooks for all winners. Highlights include THE DEAD AND EMPTY WORLD, a collection of dystopian short stories by NYT bestselling author Carrie Ryan; DIY PUBLISHING, a comprehensive guide to self-publishing by Maggie Lynch; GINGERBREAD MAN, a romantic suspense by NYT bestselling author Maggie Shayne – and many more! You don’t want to miss this amazing collection of KWL staff favorites.

You’ll find this great giveaway and offers from our fellow sponsors at the NaNoWriMo Winner Goodies page. Enjoy your prizes – you definitely earned them!

21 Responses to “Calling all NaNoWriMo winners: it’s time to grab your prizes!”

  1. margopego

    Hi! Thanks so much for the congratulations & the special offer.

    Just to clarify – are these the only 10 books that we can take advantage of through this offer? There were other books that I was really hoping to get through this special offer, ones that I’ve been waiting for that I can’t afford otherwise.

    I just want to be clear on this. I will get the books on the list if they’re all that’s available. I’m sure they’re good – I was just hoping to be able to get others at this time, is all. I’m sure that others would like to know as well.

    • kobowritinglife

      These are, indeed, the 10 books that you can take advantage of for this promo – we had to check with each author to ensure they approved working with us to give their books away and for such an extended period of time.

      • margopego

        Thank-you. My head’s a bit foggy from a cold, & I need to double check on everything right now. 🙂

  2. Eric A. Calderwood

    OK, I’ve found where to enter the code and received the book. Thank you. Now I’m a bit uncertain on how to read it. The file I’ve downloaded does not work on my kindle. Could you give me a hint. Thanks again.

  3. Rebecca

    Is there any way to get these without putting in my credit card info first? I am wary of doing so… not that I think Kobo will take my money, I’ve just had issues in the past with giving out info.

  4. jazzsinger

    Hi all,
    Okay, I;m being stupid, but I can’t see where to get the books from! I did a search for one of the titles and found a post about a sales day somewhere and so I did a search for one of the authors (Maggie Lynch) and it brought me to this page. I looked on the bestsellers page & the free independent authors page and found none of the listed Nano gifts. (Incidentally ALL the FREE ebooks appear to cost between $1 and $5).
    Where and how do I get the actual Nanowrimo books, please?

    • kobowritinglife

      When you go to the following link at NaNoWriMo (the winners page) – – if you’re signed in and a verified winner of NaNoWriMo, you’ll see a special code to use to get each of the 10 books listed there – the title of each links to that book’s item page at Kobo – add the book to your shopping cart and then use the coupon code to get 100% off that title.

      • artiviews

        Ok I just checked in today to receive my goodies. I am a verified winner–but there is no promo code listed on the page. It says use the promo code below–but no promo code and I do have a KOBO–have been thinking about switching to Kindle.

      • kobowritinglife

        The promo code automatically appears if you are logged in to NaNoWriMo. If you’re still not seeing it, please email (in that email please let us know your NaNoWriMo handle/info) and we’ll contact the good folks at NaNoWriMo on your behalf to let them know you’re experiencing a technical glitch of some sort and get this resolved for you.

      • jazzsinger56

        Thank you. Yes I got all that – easy. What I cant figure out is how to search your site to find the books to add to the shopping cart. As I said above I tried a few links and then the search engine and ended up on this page. How do I find “the book page” ! I can’t add the book to my cart if I can’t find any of them…

      • kobowritinglife

        You don’t need to search the site to find them. They are all linked from the NaNoWriMo “Winner Goodies” page directly by clicking on the titles.

      • jazzsinger56

        Okay. It’s easy now I know that. Still curious how you search for a particular book to buy…
        Thank you for all your help,

  5. myrakarine

    Hello! I participated in Nanowrimo from overseas, and am stuck in a frustrating little loop. When trying to use the links to the winner ebooks, I’m redirected to Can’t even copy and paste the link… it starts to load, then redirects me. (Maybe I can force it somehow?)
    Searching for the titles at Rakuten I can find the ebooks, but before I try to translate the Japanese and create an account 🙂 I’d like to make sure the code will work from there. If not, what should I do?

  6. elle may bradley

    Hi I was hoping to get the free books with my winners voucher but I’ve heard you can only get them if you are in America . I’m resident of UK. Is this correct?


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