KWL Dashboard update issue: sales numbers may be larger than they appear

Objects in mirror may be larger than they appear

Objects in mirror may be larger than they appear

NOTE: As of December 11 2013, this issue has been fixed. You may temporarily experience some further glitches on your Dashboard as we roll out the fix. Thank you for your patience.

Some KWL authors may have experienced a glitch in the KWL Dashboard reporting lately: their sales numbers may be lower than they should be. This is a known issue, and will be fixed within the next week or two. updated its software and, among other updates, now stores sales information in a new location. The KWL Dashboard, however, is still looking at the original location, and thus some authors are only seeing a small portion of their actual sales from the past 30 days or so reflected on their Dashboard.

basic screen shot

Rest assured, however, that the personal KWL Dashboard is the only place where this discrepancy is found. Behind the scenes, our Finance and Reporting departments know all the correct information, and the reports and payments you receive from Kobo’s finance teams are correct and up-to-date.

The solution to ensure all sales are reflected in the dashboard is currently being tested, and will be implemented within the next week or so. Your KWL Dashboard reports will soon reflect your accurate sales numbers once again.

Thanks for your patience, and keep writing!

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