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Helping you promote your books: KWL and PW Select

pw selectKobo Writing Life has launched an affiliate program with PW Select, a monthly digital and print magazine focusing on independently-published books.  For $129 (regularly $149), KWL authors can submit a title to PW Select.  In return, they’ll receive:

  • A guaranteed listing in the online and print editions of PW Select
  • A free six-month digital subscription to PW Select and Publishers Weekly (regular price: $104)
  • And the title will be eligible to be selected for a review in the online and print edition of PW Select.

Publishers Weekly is a news magazine covering the publishing business and offers reviews of upcoming titles. PW Select extends that news coverage and reviews to the self-publishing world, helping the independent author get more exposure and offering marketing potential.

“One of the most common questions we receive from writers is, ‘How can you help promote my book?’” said Mark Lefebvre, Director of KWL. “I’m thrilled to offer our authors this option and at a reduced price. I applaud PW for their inclusive approach to self-publishing, and hope KWL authors will take advantage of this opportunity to be reviewed by PW editors.”

Cevin Bryerman, publisher of Publishers Weekly, says, “PW Select’s directory of self-published titles functions as a discoverability tool that, along with the self-help articles, benefits self-published authors trying to promote their books.”

“Self-published authors have to be creative in promoting their books not only to consumers but also to the industry. PW Select is pleased to offer one more option in helping self-published authors succeed,” says Adam Boretz, Publishers Weekly reviews editor and editor of PW Select.

For more information and registrations forms, visit PW Select, and register with the promotion code 7KOBO.

4 Responses to “Helping you promote your books: KWL and PW Select”

  1. Jack Scoltock

    We shouldn’t have to pay to promote our books. Kobo should do their best to do that.
    In my opinion, they aren’t.

    • kobowritinglife

      We are merely offering authors a discount (a $20 saving) on a great opportunity that already exists via Publisher’s Weekly, one of the book industry’s most reputable sources for book listings and reviews, Jack.

    • Cornelius Peter O'Connor

      Hi, Jack! Don’t forget, In the first instance KOBO is a business that needs to draw in funding to survive. Secondly, it is ‘Your’ job to take every opportunity to enhance the potential of your work and KOBO is giving you that opportunity in this offer but at a cheaper rate than you would otherwise pay.

  2. stellatelleria

    ■And the title will be eligible to be selected for a review in the online and print edition of PW Select.

    I wonder what’s the likelyhood of being selected for review. Does it differ between genres? How many books are listed and what percentage of them get reviewed?


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