Christine Munroe, US Manager for Kobo Writing Life, interviews Darcie Chan, author of the NYT and USA Today bestselling novel, The Mill River Recluse.

Christine and Darcie discuss:

  • darcie chan 1Darcie’s dedication to this novel, which she finished writing almost 10 years ago, and her unique experience from experimenting with self-publishing to signing a deal with a traditional publisher
  • The exciting moments when in 2011 MILL RIVER RECLUSE sold 100 copies – and when it hit the NYT Bestseller List a few months later
  • Why it’s important for authors to read across different genres – and whether Darcie would ever write outside of what she describes as her “mainstream fiction comfort zone”
  • What Darcie would do differently given the benefit of hindsight: hint, it involves making your book as professional as possible
  • Collaboration with other writers – Darcie describes the group Backspace as “the most invaluable source of information” she found on her journey as an author
  • Darcie’s daily writing life, including a description of her above-garage “Writer’s Nook” where she does all of her work
  • The real-life inspiration behind Mary, the protagonist of The Mill River Recluse, who left a legacy of generosity in Darcie’s hometown, Paoli, Indiana
  • Hints about the long-awaited follow-up to Mill River Recluse, which Ballantine will publish in 2014


Mark Lefebvre, Director of Self Publishing & Author Relations, talks about the “KoboWriMo” team at Kobo participating in NaNoWriMo and offers up a couple of helpful tips. The following links on the Kobo Writing Life Blog are useful and NaNoWriMo related.


Christine Munroe and Darcie Chan

Christine Munroe and Darcie Chan


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Stay tuned for Darcie’s next book, forthcoming in 2014!