You can now schedule price promotions and permanent prices in KWL.  Just set it and forget it!

On the Set the Price screen, you’ll now see a Set promo price button (you can also set a permanent price for a future date with the Set regular price button):

Price schedule 1

This will take you to the Set Promo Price screen, where you can set the price and the start and end dates of your promotion:

 Price schedule 2

Once set, your KWL library will display a badge to show which books have a price change scheduled.

price schedule 3

If you’re a forward-thinking individual and like to plan things far enough in advance, you’ll receive a reminder email 2 days prior to when your book is scheduled for a price change.  Remember to add Kobo Writing Life to your email client’s white list so these important reminders don’t get caught in your spam filter!

price schedule 4

This is just another way the KWL team is continually working to ensure you have as much control as possible over every aspect of your titles, and right at your fingertips.

Keep writing!

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