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KWL price scheduling tool now live

You can now schedule price promotions and permanent prices in KWL.  Just set it and forget it!

On the Set the Price screen, you’ll now see a Set promo price button (you can also set a permanent price for a future date with the Set regular price button):

Price schedule 1

This will take you to the Set Promo Price screen, where you can set the price and the start and end dates of your promotion:

 Price schedule 2

Once set, your KWL library will display a badge to show which books have a price change scheduled.

price schedule 3

If you’re a forward-thinking individual and like to plan things far enough in advance, you’ll receive a reminder email 2 days prior to when your book is scheduled for a price change.  Remember to add Kobo Writing Life to your email client’s white list so these important reminders don’t get caught in your spam filter!

price schedule 4

This is just another way the KWL team is continually working to ensure you have as much control as possible over every aspect of your titles, and right at your fingertips.

Keep writing!

17 Responses to “KWL price scheduling tool now live”

  1. Self-Publishing Roundtable: Episode 21 | Self-Publishing Round Table

    […] Kobo launches new pricing tool – Kobo has launched a new pricing tool. Basically this new pricing tool lets the author set a price change in the future. If they were trying to compete with Amazon’s Countdown program, they fell way short. It doesn’t have any kind of promotion associated with it, it doesn’t let you keep your higher royalty if you drop your book down to .99, and there is no way to let the reader know through the product page that the discounted price is a short term thing. […]

    • kobowritinglife

      Thanks, Maria – we actually found a bug that is preventing some of the free books lists that we have put together and are working to get that resolved – in the meantime, if you email writinglife@kobo.com with links to the books in question and let us know how long they’ll be listed as free (or if you plan to keep them perma-free), we can look at that for some future free book promos that are being scheduled

  2. Scott Marlowe

    What would make this tool truly spectacular (and useful) is if customers actually saw the price reduction indicated on the product page. Otherwise, there’s no way for them to tell they’re looking at a reduced price. Also, why not highlight these books on your home page?

      • Maria (BearMountainBooks)

        I don’t think he means spot lighting them on the main page–although that is also VERY nice. My own thought (and maybe his) is a crossed out price on the book page that makes it very clear to the potential purchaser that it’s a SALE. Dates that show it’s a 4 day sale or whatnot would also be useful. The new pricing mechanism is a great tool–I’ve used it, but it would be nice if it was also a READER tool, telling them, “Hey, this is a great bargain right now, but it’s a sale price. It will not always be this low and will revert to a higher price.” –A crossed out price conveys that idea.

      • scottmarlowe

        Maria’s comment is exactly what I mean. Without the slash through the regular price alongside the sale price on the actual product page, the “promotion” isn’t really a promotion. It’s just a reduced price that no reader is going to know is a reduce price.

        The Daily Deal is a step in the right direction, but how about drilling down further with it so each genre gets one? Just an idea.

        • kobowritinglife

          Hey Maria/Scott – no, we understand completely what you guys mean and those suggestions have already been placed from the KWL team over to the web/development team for implementation. Kobo’s web catalog continues to change and improve – we don’t have an ETA on when that particular change will go live, but keep your eyes on it.

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