The first NaNo weekend is over, and let’s check in with the intrepid KoboWriMo team!

To refresh your memories, as of Sunday, the target word count is 5001.  So okay, some of us have some work to do, but we’ve got almost 26 days in which to do it!

Here are our very first lines:

 Mark Lefebvre Mark Lefebvre, Director, Kobo Writing Life


Scott Desmond was looking at a dead man.

Christine Munroe Christine Munroe, US Manager, Kobo Writing Life


Jenny and her friends raised their glasses and clinked them, smiling at each other.

 CamOK Camille Mofidi, EU Manager, Kobo Writing Life


Cela faisait longtemps qu’elle ne s’était pas sentie aussi bien.

profile Sarah Carless, Technical Writer, Publisher & Author Communications


The world was sharp, and made of shades of black and grey.

seb small Sebastien Bago, Merchandiser, France


La voiture de Nicolas fendait la nuit comme le tranchant de l’épée déchire l’abdomen d’un adversaire trop passif.

We’ll keep you updated on our progress, and share some of our tricks and tips, if we find any that work (apparently, skipping sleep entirely isn’t the best idea we ever had).

Let us know in comments what your own word counts are! Let’s keep each other going!

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