HM WardH.M. Ward is the bestselling author of Young Adult paranormal romance, and enjoys writing novels and novellas with twisting plot lines and unexpected turns.  Her ability to shock the reader has grown a following of over 70,000 fans, and a social reach of over 17 million people.  She has strong marketing skills and became a full time writer less than a year after her first novel appeared on the market.

Her series include Demon Kissed, Vampire Apocalypse, The Secret Life of Tystan Scott, and Damaged.

When did you first discover a love of writing?

I’ve always loves writing and creating new things. I’m an art nerd. If I’m not writing, then I’m painting, or drawing, or shooting (photography, not people), and other things that allow me to flex my creative brain. Peter & Wendy by JM Barrie is the most awesomesauce book ever.

Where do you get your story ideas?

From life. That spray start-car in THE ARRANGEMENT–yeah, that was real. I took it and threw it in the story. I do that with things I liked, hated, or places I used to go when I lived in New York. There are lots of places on Long Island that I refer to, and the people who live up there love the local references. It makes the story more real, and more fun!

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received as a writer?

Don’t sell your manuscript for less than what you could earn in four years. I almost sold DAMAGED 2. It out earned all offers I received in ONE WEEK. Shut up, right? Self publishing is awesome.

Where do you usually write?

In the closet. It sounds like I have issues. I probably do, but my closet has a chandelier so it’s all good.

Do you believe in Writer’s Block?

No, I believe in bear attacks. Need to get over writer’s block? Bear attack–add one big WTF moment and you can write right around it. No more block, and it adds additional layers of awesomesauce, so why not, right?

If there was one writer (alive or deceased) that you would love to meet, who would it be?

J.M. Barrie. That was the first book I read, that I liked, that was worth the headache. I have dyslexia coupled with Irelen Syndrome, so reading kills my eyes. But it’s totally worth it, but I didn’t know until I read Barrie’s book. It caught my attention and held it, plus the story was worth the headaches.

What’s your favourite literary genre? Any guilty pleasures?

Young Adult Paranormal Romance Dystopian. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Someone, quick! Write more! There’s like 20 books in that genre and I read them all already.

What made you decide to self-publish?              

Control freak. Me. Yeah, hello. I happened to spit that out to a reporter and it ended up in a FORBES article. I like to do everything and want total control over the cover, story, and content. Writing a book by committee sounds like hell to me.

Are there any self-publishing tricks of the trade you’d like to share?

Make your book easy to find/easy to buy. That’s one of the best things you can do when you get started with your 1st book and after you write your 50th book. Easy to find/easy to buy.

What’s your favorite color?

PURPLE! It’s in everything I write. DEMON KISSED cover, purple. Ivy’s demonic hair flames purple in that series. Purple cars, purple socks, purple Chucks, purple stones, purple eyes, etc. I’m subliminally making everyone love purple because it’s the coolest color out there!

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