Kobo Writing Life Director Mark Lefebvre interviews Douglas Smith, an award-winning Canadian author of fantasy, SF, horror and supernatural fiction with over 100 short story sales in 30 countries and two dozen languages.

Doug and Mark discuss the following:

  • DouglasSmithDoug’s start to writing in 1995 stemming from a “mid-life” crisis
  • How Doug’s new novel The Wolf at the End of the World ties back to the very first short story he wrote in 1995, Spirit Dance
  • Doug’s prestigious career as a short-fiction writer (how he turned the sale of 40 short stories sold into re-selling them to 170 markets globally), the importance of taking advantage of reprint rights
  • Doug’s outstanding foreign language rights sales of short fiction:  25 languages in 30 countries
  • Ralon.com – online free short fiction market listings
  • Doug’s strategy for hiring a cover artist, an ePub formatting conversion company to create a consistent professional look and feel to generate a catalog of eBook versions of his short story fiction collection.  (And how he made his investment back within a year selling short stories in eBook version for 99 cents – where he keeps 35 cents on Amazon and 45 cents on Kobo per unit sold)
  • The adaptation of one of Doug’s short stories “By Her Hand She Draws You Down” into a short film of the same name.
  • Doug’s penchant for writing fiction that references Bruce Springsteen’s music
  • How Doug discovered he had written a vampire story only after reading customer reviews

TheWolfAtTheEndOfTheWorld_ebookcoverMark also talks about discovering ingenious use of social media by authors and cites author Chele Cooke’s intriguing use of Pinterest for her forthcoming novel Dead & Buryd as an example.  Here’s a link to Chele’s website  and her forthcoming book on Kobo.


Daniele Serra – Italian Artist

Doug’s website: www.smithwriter.com
Twitter:  @smithwritr
Doug’s article on Selling Foreign Language Rights
Doug’s Foreign Market List
Doug’s Amazing Stories Blog Series

Short fiction recommendations to check out Doug’s writing:

If you like Horror check out By Her Hand She Draws You Down
If you like Urban Fantasy check out Spirit Dance
If you like post-apocalyptic science-fiction check out Memories of the Dead Man
If you like revenge/science-fiction/time-travel stories check out State of Disorder
If you like martial arts/Japanese fantasy check out The Red Bird

If you like modern thriller/fantasy, check out The Wolf at the End of the World