Before you publish your first book you’ll need to enter your payment information. Our royalty payments are sent via Electronic Fund Transfer. You may need to contact your bank to confirm the information you’ll need to receive this type of payment.

There are two steps involved in entering your information, your Account Details and your Bank Branch Details.

Under Account Details you must enter the name of the person the bank account is registered to and the bank account number. The tax registration number is optional.

payment_information 1

Underneath this you’ll find your Bank Branch Details. Here you can choose the currency in which you will be paid by selecting a currency from the drop down menu. You’ll also be required to enter the country and city that your account is registered in. Don’t worry about adding the state or province into this section, the city alone will be enough to bring up your branch.

payment_information 2

The next step is adding your SWIFT Code, Routing Number or IBAN. The details needed in this section can differ depending on the currency that you’re using. Here’s a list of the information that each currency requires:


– Valid six digit Bank State Branch (BSB) Code
– Beneficiary Bank Country: Australia 


– Five – twelve digit account number and valid nine digit transit code
– Beneficiary country: Canada 


– Valid BIC/SWIFT & Valid IBAN
– Beneficiary Bank Country: Euro Monetary Union Countries (except Malta) including French Territories 


– Valid six digit BACS sort code & eight digit bank account (or IBAN)
– Beneficiary Bank Country: United Kingdom 


– Valid six digit Hong Kong Clearing Code
– Beneficiary Bank Country: Hong Kong 


– Valid six digit bank branch code & nine digit beneficiary account number
– Beneficiary Bank Country: New Zealand 


– Valid ACH ABA (http://www.fedwiredirectory.frb.org/search.cfm)
– Beneficiary Bank Country: USA or Canada (valid transit required if  beneficiary bank is within Canada) 


– Eight – eleven digit swift code
– Beneficiary Bank Country : Japan

If you’re unsure of the banking details needed, please contact your bank. They’ll be able to provide you with the correct information.

Once you’ve filled this section in and click ‘Search’, your bank branch will appear on the box on the right hand side. All you need to do is select the bank branch and then save your changes.

If for some reason you can’t find your bank branch, please contact us at writinglife@kobo.com and we’ll help you find it.

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