pressbooksPressBooks and Kobo Writing Life are teaming up to put on this helpful workshop for authors in Montreal interested in self-publishing.

Attend the event to learn more about the services PressBooks has to offer, as well as how to self-publish with Kobo! Even if you’re already published on the Kobo site, this would be a great opportunity to meet members of the Kobo Writing Life team in person and chat about your titles.

The event will include an introductory talk by folks from PressBooks and Kobo, followed by a workshop showing authors how to format and publish their eBook.

Authors interested in the workshop portion of the evening should bring along their finished manuscript in a Word file and a Wifi-enabled laptop. Alternately, manuscript can be delivered on a memory stick. We’ll take you through the process of properly formatting your ePub, and then load it to Kobo using the Kobo Writing Life portal. That’s right – by the end of the evening your eBook could be hours away from being live on Kobo!

Drinks and snacks will be served.

Get your free ticket here!

When: August 22, 5pm

Where: Notman House, Montreal

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