Kobo Writing Life just celebrated its first birthday, and in one year has attracted more than 17,600 authors who have published more than 100,000 titles available in 184 countries and in 54 languages. Based on author feedback the KWL platform has been updated 14 times since its launch, with the addition of five languages and new features enabling authors to customize their self-pub dashboards as well as the ability to set their titles for pre-order.

Today, were excited to announce our latest update, offering advanced features enabling authors to easily create eBooks and edit their work directly within the KWL text editor. With this update the process of self-publishing is made even easier by offering author a way to create an eBook from scratch using an online WYSIWYG editor directly within the KWL platform. This way, authors can avoid the extra step of converting a Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format document, and fix easily fix typos in an instant.

We’d like to thank each and every one of you for being a part of this amazing community, and for continuing to help KWL become the best it can possibly be. Keep letting us know what you want to see in our platform, and we’ll keep doing our very best to deliver.

And, most importantly, keep writing!

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