Kobo Writing Life Director Mark Lefebvre interviews author Steve Vernon, a writer and storyteller of both written and spoken words and they discuss the following:

  • Steve_Vernon_FV_1Aspects of writing a serialized story (Steve’s Flash Virus Series), elements of humour in a thriller/horror story and the perspective of being able to laugh at life.
  • Steve’s first published story in the mid 1980’s in a magazine that featured “Busoms, beards and big bellied bikers.”
  • Embracing both traditional publishing and self-publishing as a hybrid author and how that syncs beautifully with how Steve really “isn’t a writer, just a windbag who likes to spin yarns”
  • The importance of being able to adapt and continue to learn as a writer
  • A few of Steve’s titles: Sinking Deeper, Maritime Murder, Tatterdemon Omnibus
  • Steve’s favourite advice for writers
  • Some book recommendations from Steve (The Scorpion Races & The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater)

Also included in this episode are Mark’s “Three P’s of Self-Publishing Success” as well as a listener question regarding ensuring your Goodreads reviews appear on Kobo.

Steve’s Blog “Yours in Storytelling

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Steve’s Flash Virus Series

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