Another cool way that Kobo helps with the connection between people just happened.

Normally, we’re responsible for connecting authors with readers.

But this time, a crafty employee used Kobo Writing Life to connect with his girlfriend for a very special gift.

Nick Sama, a Kobo employee, used KWL to publish a short eBook (about 3000 words) outlining the story of how he and his girlfriend Maria met and the story of that first year as they eventually became a couple.

Nick pre-loaded the eBook to a Kobo Aura that he gave to her in just the right romantic setting. When she opened the box the Aura was in, the cover of the book featuring a picture of the two lovebirds was already the screen’s main device.  Nick prompted her to turn the Kobo reader on and read it. The story was broken into brief segmented chapters – containing lots of funny moments, sweet moments and romantic moments.  The final chapter ended with a marriage proposal.

Maria, of course, said Yes!

All their new chapters will get written together.

Congratulations, Nick!  Congratulations, Maria!

Nick & Maria

Nick & Maria

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