Want to escalate the traffic to your eBooks and increase sales? We know it’s difficult for self-published authors to get the exposure they need for their titles; competing for space against traditional publishers and big name authors.

When it comes to self-publishing, we find that an author’s success often depends on how much time and effort they’re willing to put in on their end.

So we have found 4 ways to market your book on any budget. Kobo Book Hub and Trindie Books are to promote your Kobo eBooks only. But there are also sites, such as BookBub and StoryFinds that allow you to market other eBook distributors as well as Kobo.


 kobo book hub

Kobo Book Hub

Price – Free

What You Need to Do – Just fill out the submission form, and your books will be put in the queue for approval.

What You Need to Know – Not all books will be featured; the selection will be made based on perceived quality and available slots. There will be more free books featured than bargains, and more bargains than full-price books. *Bargains are all books priced below $2 (regardless of whether it’s a promotion or not), Full Price are all books priced above that.*


  1. The posts will go out once a day per category (for now). Each post contains up to 10 books. If you won’t fit the post one day, you will go first in queue on the next day.
  2. The links in the form MUST WORK. If the Kobo or Cover link is not working, your book will be removed from queue and you must submit again.
  3. They reserve the right not to post a book at their discretion.

 trindie books

Trindie Books


  • Book of the Day feature – $25
  • Free eBook listing – Free
  • Sidebar ads are also available. Please contact for pricing.
  • Book Giveaway contesting – $25
  • Blog Tours. Please contact for pricing.

What You Need to Do – Just fill out the submission form, and your books will be put in the queue for approval.

What You Need To Know

  1. They do not guarantee that your book will be posted due to the large number of requests, but they will do their best to schedule it. If they are unable to feature your book, your payment will be refunded.
  2. They reserve the right to refuse any book for any reason.
  3. They may take clips of reviews or author info that are posted on your Kobo listing or other sites (your website, Amazon or Goodreads) to fill out the submission if necessary.




Price – It ranges from $40 to $1200 depending on the price and the genre of the book.

What You Need to Do – Just fill out the submission form, and your books will be put in the queue for approval.

What You Need to Know – BookBub is an “advertorial” newsletter. Although it consists of paid advertisements, only those books the editorial team feels are the best deals for their subscribers are selected to be featured in the email.


  1. BookBub features books that are either free or discounted by at least 50%.
  2. Top quality content
  3. Best deals available
  4. Professional Presentation
  5. They will not feature the same book more than once every 120 days, or once every 90 days if targeting a different category. Nor will we feature the same author more than once every 30 days.
  6. They promote books that are discounted for a limited time, usually not much longer than a week.
  7. They promote full-length works, so we do not typically accept listings for books under 150 pages.
  8. We only feature deals that are available at one or more of the major retailers where BookBub’s members buy eBooks.
  9. They promote books that fit into our member interest categories.
  10. However, please note that even if your deal meets all of these qualifications, that does not guarantee that it will be selected for a listing slot.




StoryFinds (storyfinds.com/promotions-for-authors)


  • Free book are free to promote, but they do appreciate donations via PayPal.
  • Daily Special (books on sale or priced for $1 or less) – $15 per book listing
  • Author Spotlight – $50
  • 1st Chapter Spotlight – $40
  • Themed Weeks – $20 per book posting

What You Need to Do – Create an author account and then email the required information to promo@storyfinds.com. You can find all the required material in the link above.

What You Need to Know

  • Your book must have a professional cover (Storyfinds.com staff reserves the right to make this determination).
  • No erotic material accepted for FREE Reads.
  • When choosing the dates you would like your promotion to run, they would like at least a weeks’ notice before the chosen day.
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