Happy Fathers’ Day: Good Dads, Bad Dads, and In-Between Dads

Some are good, some are bad, Daddy issues almost always make for interesting reading when you write about them well. Here, in honour of Fathers’ Day, are a few of our favourites, the good, the bad, and the in-between.
Good dads…


 Image.ashx Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Robert M. Pirsig
The narrator of this story gives his son Chris both a solid philosophy of life and the best road trip any father and son have ever gone on.
 Image-5.ashx The Tender Bar
J.R. Moehringer
When Pulitzer-prizewinning memoirist J.R. Moehringer was growing up, he desperately wanted a dad. But he finds a whole room full of them when he starts follows his bartender uncle Charlie to work in this incredibly touching book.
Bad dads…


 Image-1.ashx Lullabies for Little Criminals
Heather O’Neill
Left to her own devices by her heroin-addicted father Jules, Baby, a dangerously naïve Montreal kid makes her way though the city alone.
 Image-4.ashx A Wolf at the Table
Augustin Burroughs 9781429937658
With his uncanny talent for delivering frank accounts of harrowing experiences, the author of Running with scissors turns his attention towards his enigmatic and terrifying father. 
In-between dads…


In-Between Dads
 Image-2.ashx About a Boy
Nick Hornby
Will, who has spent most of his life free of responsibility, emotional or otherwise, finds himself an unwitting father figure to an eccentric young boy, and manages to grow up as a result.
 Image-3.ashx Shit My Dad Says
Justin Halpern
Plenty of us find our parent’s unique turns of phrase to be funny, but only writer Justin Halpern has created a hit out of his dad’s, and anybody who reads his book is very glad he did. 

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