Indierecon-logo4This past February was IndieReCon, an online convention for self-publishers. Every hour, eight hours a day, for three days, industry professionals of all stripes posted articles, vblogs, and hosted live chats. There were also great giveaways and prizes to be won!  It’s generated a wealth of information, and the following is an excerpt/summary of one of the fantastic articles that was posted.

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The 7 Worst Mistakes Indie Authors Make, according to Joanna Penn

To be an independent author means taking your book project seriously. But most of us haven’t been in publishing for our whole careers, so it’s inevitable that we make mistakes along the way.

Mistakes aren’t bad either. They are the human way to improve and learn. But it helps if we can help each other!

I’m not perfect and I continue to learn along the writer’s journey but here are the worst mistakes I have made and seen others doing too. I’d love to hear from you in the comments about your mistakes as by sharing, we can all improve together.

  1. Not spending enough time learning about you, your book and your audience
  2. Not getting a professional editor
  3. Not getting professional book cover design
  4. Doing a large print run without having a distribution deal
  5. Paying way too much for services you can do yourself with a little education
  6. Doing no marketing at all, or getting shiny object syndrome
  7. Focusing everything into one book

For the whole article and more details, read the whole article here!

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