aliiance-of-independent-authors-asset-508ff8844c6a7The road to self-publishing success can often feel like quite a lonely one, but “independent” doesn’t necessarily have to mean “alone.”  There are entire communities built around self-published authors and aspiring writers coming together to help one another, be it with advice, resources, or simply a place to vent one’s frustrations to sympathetic ears.

If you’ve decided to pursue the self-publishing route, you might want to look into what’s out there in the way of support for you and your endeavours, such as the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) – a global, non-profit organization of authors working together for each other.

Membership comes with many benefits, including access to legal advice, an author helpline, and the wealth of collective experience of all its members, which include successful self-published authors, teachers, and other industry professionals.

ALLi is also offering an online event:  the ShinDig “Cracking Kobo,” an exclusive online interview with Mark Lefebvre, Kobo’s own Director of Self-Publishing and Author Relations, held Wednesday (tomorrow!) at 4pm EST.

Register for the event, and check out ALLi’s blog, How to Successfully Self-Publish for great self-publishing information and advice.

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