Kobo Writing Life Announces Dashboard Enhancements

The amazing Kobo Writing Life Dashboard just got even better:

date_dropdown1)      Now you can define the date range for the sales data you want to see. Use the new pull-down menu to choose between this month, the last 30 days, the last 7 days, today, or a custom date range.  Choosing a custom date range will bring up easy-to-click-and-use calendars to choose the exact date range you’re interested in seeing.


2)      You can also now view sales data for a specific book in your catalgoge with our Sales By Book search.  Simply enter the title or ISBN of the book you want to see the data for, and presto!  Specific sales figures for your book.

 sales by book

3)      To make it easier to ensure you’re doing everything right, you can now search for your bank on the Payment Information page. Finding your bank ensures that the information you’re inputting is correct.


Using Kobo Writing Life has never been easier!  If you haven’t already (and why haven’t you?), join today!


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