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Avoid the meat-grinder! Creating a self-published book can be as easy as writing a blog

by Emily Craven I always had it in my head that something like Smashwords would be my first e-book platform: the easiest, the largest distributor, the least work. Then I looked at the style guide, and read the tax information and realised I needed to buckle on my superhero suit for that gauntlet. I’d had enough trouble deciding how to

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It’s dangerous out there; don’t go alone

The road to self-publishing success can often feel like quite a lonely one, but “independent” doesn’t necessarily have to mean “alone.”  There are entire communities built around self-published authors and aspiring writers coming together to help one another, be it with advice, resources, or simply a place to vent one’s frustrations to sympathetic ears. If you’ve decided to pursue the

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