The Creative Penn, Mark Lefebvre, and Kobo Writing Life

Another great self-publishing blog is The Creative Penn, by Joanna Penn: a writing, publishing and marketing blog. This week, Joanna interviews our own Mark Lefebvre about Kobo Writing Life!

In her post, she mentions some great tips for KWL users, like:

“Firstly, make sure there’s a link from your website. Many authors just list Amazon. Kobo wants to be a business partner with you as a publisher, a business-person. The Kobo dashboard contains information on where you sell in each market including a map of the world. Kobo is constantly working on their own search algorithm and refining it, as well as merchandising opportunities and lists. Ongoing, Kobo will be adding more possibilities to authors – they are constantly developing so watch this space!”

Check out the interview here:


Joanna Penn is a British author, internet entrepreneur and international speaker whose books have appeared on Thriller and Action Adventure bestseller lists.

Check out her author site here.

Check out Joanna’s books on Kobo:

One comment

  • Nice video, but I think Kobo will be another one in the line of Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Smashwords, Lulu….have to see what’s coming up next. We should break the “Amazon best-seller” myth from our minds because after some time with continuous algorithms change the field will be overcrowded with the same mindset. Innovation is a must, and we have to adapt and be ready to accept whatever innovation comes to us. We need to sell our books whichever platform available. “Larger and smaller markets” should not spoil our enthusiasm because we may not be able to sell well in the larger markets too. So we have to publish and distribute our works wherever possible and it seems the only option for now.

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