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ALLi (The Alliance of Independent Authors) is a global non-profit association of author-publishers. We offer connection and collaboration, advice and education. And we campaign for, and further the interests of, self-publishing writers everywhere. We have four member levels and our core principles are excellence and inclusiveness.

People self-publish for many reasons and all who want to do it well are invited to join our diverse, supportive and friendly community.

Curtis Brown Creative


Curtis Brown is one of the world’s leading literary and talent agencies, representing authors, playwrights, film and television writers and directors, theatre directors and designers, television and radio presenters and actors.

Curtis Brown launched its creative writing school in May 2011 to help talented new writers shape their debut novels and learn about today’s publishing industry.  In-depth courses are taught by bestselling authors, top publishers and the Curtis Brown agents.

KWL and CBC have partnered, and now offer a Kobo Writing Life Scholarship!



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Authoright offers a wide range of book marketing services for self publishing authors, as well as traditionally published writers with a literary agent. We work at every stage of book promotion.

Our services encompass everything from manuscript editing and cover design, to building an author’s social media profile and securing book advertising through features and book reviews in leading print publications. We offer comprehensive and bespoke book publicity, which means that if you are working with a self publishing company, looking for ebook marketing, or have a traditional publishing deal, Authoright can help you every step of the way.




HOW DO YOU FIND THE RIGHT PUBLISHING PROFESSIONAL?  Bibliocrunch allows you to launch a project, hire a publishing professional, manage your product and pay with ease.  BiblioCrunch is for everyone who wants to publish a book. Whether you are a first time indie author or an established author you will at some point need to hire an outside professional to get your book out into the marketplace.

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  • Maybe what I need and am looking for to market and publish my memoir; story of older African American, receipient of, and shaped by, civil rights victories of 1960s, attained significant leadership positions 1980s-2006, and shares insights about the good, the bad, and the present.

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