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Guest Post by Maria Schneider Oh, to sort the wheat from the chaff, to find those special books, the ones that you chortle and gloat over, the ones you read more than once because they are just that good! Some gems are hidden behind odd covers. Some gems sparkle right from the start, while others pull you in slowly until you're caught up in the sparkle. I'm a reader. Like the gold hunters of the Old West, I pan for the best and brightest. Kobo Writing Life has invited me to share a few of my … [Read more...]

Back to Basics

shut up

You might have a great story idea and are ready to get it down on the page, but there is so much more than the actual plot line you need to figure out before the book is complete. With text messaging and spellcheck we might not be fully aware or even remember the basics of the written word.Here are some books that might help. They will refresh your memory on punctuation, grammar and dialogue.    “Shut UP!” He Explained: A Writer’s Guide to the Uses and Misuses of … [Read more...]

Kobo Writing Life New Releases – Hot Edition

Here are some new KWL Romance and Erotica titles that are sure to keep your summer nights hot, hot, hot. Romance All For You (Laurel Heights series) By Kate Perry Anna Godwin likes it spicy. At least she used to. Somewhere between law school and real life, she lost her sparkle. Now she wears boring business suits to boring dates in her boring life. The last time Anna remembers feeling that sizzle was with the one man who's all cayenne and passion: Max Corazao, the one who got … [Read more...]

Happy Fathers’ Day: Good Dads, Bad Dads, and In-Between Dads


Some are good, some are bad, Daddy issues almost always make for interesting reading when you write about them well. Here, in honour of Fathers’ Day, are a few of our favourites, the good, the bad, and the in-between. Good dads…     Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Robert M. Pirsig The narrator of this story gives his son Chris both a solid philosophy of life and the best road trip any father and son have ever gone on.   The Tender Bar J.R. … [Read more...]

Writing Motherhood

Dunk Mom

Whether she was Mrs. March or Medea, everybody had a mom, and no matter what her strengths or foibles were, she had a huge part in shaping who you are. The relationship between mother and child is one of the most challenging to dissect that there is, but some writers manage to do just that. For this mother’s day, we’ve put together a list of some great books by mothers and about mothers that explore the challenges of being--and loving--a mom.    Drunk MomJowita BydlowskaBydlowska’s … [Read more...]

Want a smart, fun read? Try some chick lit

By Samantha Stroh Bailey I write chick lit. Okay, are you still reading or have you screwed up your face in distaste? Well, before you judge, do you actually know what chick lit is? For some reason, after the pink explosion of chick lit in the late 90s, it seems to have gotten a misconstrued reputation for fluff and froth. Now, don’t get me wrong, the covers are delicious and flirty, the female protagonists do imbibe some fruity cocktails and there may even be some shopping. But, this is not … [Read more...]

Writing memoir


Everyone has a life, and maybe everyone has a compelling life story. Here’s how to turn memories into memoir:    Writing Life Stories, Bill Roorbach. From drawing a map of a remembered neighborhood to signing a form releasing yourself to take risks in your work, Roorbach offers innovative techniques that will trigger ideas for all writers.    How to Write your Life Story, Ralph Fletcher. Although written for young people, this little book is packed with great instructions on … [Read more...]


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