A Dead Price Point

smashwords pricing chart

By Mark Lefebvre, Director of Self-Publishing & Author Relations, Kobo “I see dead prices!”  Yes, I know, I’m riffing on a line from M. Night Shymalan’s The Sixth Sense. But if it gets your attention and helps you earn more money as an author, I’m okay with that. I had the pleasure of being on a 2013 Romance Writers of America Conference panel called Self-Publishing for the Professional Author in Atlanta in July. On the panel with me were Julia Coblentz from Barnes and Noble, Mark … [Read more...]

Power Pricing: How should I price my eBooks?

price chart 1

Nathan Maharaj, Kobo’s own Director of Merchandising (otherwise known as Head Bookseller) put together some thoughts to answer the question he most often gets from publishers and authors: “How should I price my eBooks?” The answer: Price deliberately: Have a plan, and measure your results. Price responsively: Be prepared to react to the market. Price often: You don’t have to re-set the prices on every title every day, but be aware of opportunities and remember how quick and easy it is … [Read more...]


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