Insider Radio Secrets: Part 2 – Music Choices


By Scott Overton In spite of the advent of television, then music videos, all-music video channels, satellite radio, iPods, and the internet, old-fashioned free-off-the-airwaves radio broadcasting is still alive and well. Most of us probably spend part of each day with a favourite radio station, especially when we’re in the car, but there are a lot of things we think we know about the radio business that probably aren’t true anymore. As a radio broadcaster for more than thirty years (a morning show host for twenty-five) I put a lot of insider knowledge into the writing of my mystery/thriller novel Dead Air, about a morning man who finds himself marked for death by unknown enemies. One of the beliefs that’s been around forever and still seems to be unshakeable is the idea that … [Read more...]

whitefox presents “The Amulet of Sleep”


whitefox are pleased to announce UK publication of the first volume in Andrea Atzori‘s fantasy YA series: The Amulet of Sleep     The Amulet of Sleep is the opening book in the Iskìda of the Land of Nurak trilogy, a series of epic fantasy novels for YA readers. Already award-winning in Italy, Andrea Atzori’s home country, the books look set to join the booming market for genre fiction. Having found success after publishing traditionally in Italian, Atzori turned his sights internationally.   Andrea saw the UK’s ever-increasing appetite for magical fiction as the perfect fit for his venture into independent, foreign self-publishing. Set in an elaborately constructed world rendolent of The Lord of The Rings and The Hunger Games, The Amulet of Sleep will not … [Read more...]

My Writing Life: Alison Morton


When did you first discover a love of writing? Is there a particular book that made you want to become a writer? I've been writing all my life. I came to novel writing after seeing a particularly dire film. ‘I could do better that that,’ I whispered to my husband in the cinema theatre. ‘So why don’t you?’ he replied. Three months later, I'd written the first draft of Inceptio, my first book. A writing friend dragged me into the local writing group the evening I finished it. I survived the ordeal of reading the first chapter of my novel aloud, to strangers! I was in. Where do you get your story ideas? The whole concept of Roma Nova, a 21st century mini-state based on Roman values and run by women, has been forming in my head for the past 20 years. I'm consumed by a fascination of … [Read more...]

My Writing Life: Jen Minkman


Jen Minkman writes paranormal romance, dystopian fiction and poetry. She is from the Netherlands and self-publishes her work in English. Her works are available in paperback & digital format. When did you first discover a love of writing? Is there a particular book that made you want to become a writer? I started writing when I was very young. I was always busy either reading a book or coming up with a story of my own. I can't remember reading one particular book that made me wanted to start writing, but I do remember having a dream about three girls and a UFO which inspired me to write down that story in book form. I was ten when I asked my dad if I could use his typewriter, and I taught myself how to use it, how to bind my book with a cardboard, illustrated cover, and I also … [Read more...]

My Writing Life: Melissa Foster


When did you first discover a love of writing? Is there a particular book that made you want to become a writer? In the early '90's I realized that I wanted to be a writer. The urge to write came over me one afternoon and I haven't been able to shake it since. Where do you get your story ideas? Life is my inspiration. I write about issues and circumstances that readers can relate to, and am drawn to emotionally compelling situations. That translates into emotional stories for my readers. What is the best piece of advice you've ever received as a writer? Stop worrying about the what-ifs and write. Do you believe in Writer’s Block? Do I believe in it? Not really. I'd call it "Writer's Hesitation". I think we can worry ourselves into a corner, and sometimes we just … [Read more...]

Writing From Life: Jessica Scott On Being a Writer and a Soldier

jessica dawson

Jessica Scott is a bestselling author, career army officer, mother of two daughters, and wife to a career NCO. She deployed to Iraq in 2009 as part of OIF/New Dawn and has had the honor of serving as a company commander at Fort Hood, Texas twice. We sat down with Jessica to learn more about her writing process and what it's like to be a writer and a soldier (and a soldier's wife). When did you decide to begin writing army romance novels? What made you want to write in this genre? I started writing my Coming Home series waaay back in 2007 when my husband was on his second deployment and I was at Fort Benning for Officer Candidate School. I spent a lot of time at the Borders and Barnes and Noble because I’ve always been a book girl. Everything I’d read that had a military hero (and … [Read more...]

My Writing Life: Kevin McLeod


When did you first discover a love of writing? Is there a particular book that made you want to become a writer? I loved writing short stories at school when I was growing up. I used to look forward to writing time every day. My stories were always about myself and my friends in some amazing adventure. The book that really made me want to write was The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King. It was a story that he wrote for his children who wanted his dad to write something other than horror stories for a change. I fell in love with the story and I've read it many times since. The classic good vs. evil battle and the devious 'baddie' make it an excellent book for children. What's your favourite book? What was your favourite book as a child? Now my favourite is Shutter Island by Dennis … [Read more...]


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