So, About That Cover: A Cover Artist Weighs in On Typography


We've said it before and we'll say it again: Authors planning to self-publish should not make their own book covers. That's what professional cover artists are for! However, even if you're letting someone else take over the design and creation of your cover, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be well-informed about the process. Understanding how book covers are designed and why certain aesthetic choices are made can only help authors make the right choices when hiring a cover artist and … [Read more...]

So, About That Cover: An Interview With an Author and His Cover Artist

kyle west

We sat down with author Kyle West and cover artist Luke Atkinson to learn more about the adventure of getting a book cover designed. Here's how it went: Why do you think having a great book cover is so important when it comes to eBooks? KW - After your story, your cover is probably the most important part of your book. It’s the first thing readers see, so it has to be downright amazing. LA –You know the saying: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Unfortunately we live in a digital age … [Read more...]

So, About That Cover: Book Cover Design Tips From a Merchandiser

Home Cover

By Shayna Krishnasamy, Kobo Writing Life Merchandiser As the merchandiser for self-published eBooks at Kobo, my job is to judge books by their covers. Okay, that’s not my whole job, but you might be surprised at how much of my day is spent scrutinizing, arguing about, praising, sifting through, staring at, and judging (oh, and also mocking. Yes, sometimes a cover practically begs to be mocked) self-published book covers. Book cover design is an immensely important part of the digital … [Read more...]

We’ve got you covered Friday: let’s talk numbers

anita b carroll

By Anita B. Carroll How important do you think your cover design is? Is it worth it to spend the money on a professional designer? That’s a good question and you would expect me, a designer, to push for hiring a pro. However, when you look at the facts, the question really is, can you afford not to hire a designer? A book cover re-design project, analyzed. Let me show you a cover re-design project I worked on with self-published author Glen Romero for his novella “Welcome to the … [Read more...]

We’ve got you covered Friday: Terry Odell

cover 1

Cover images and branding by Terry Odell Used to be, you looked at books in a bookstore window, on special displays, or on the shelves, where the ones placed face out could catch your eye. If you were looking at spines, perhaps a title caught your eye, or the name of a familiar author. If the cover enticed, you'd move to the back cover copy, or the jacket flap copy, and then maybe flip through the book. But, odds are, it was the cover that started the process. Now, even though many book … [Read more...]

We’ve got you covered Friday: Keith Draws

aa vernon

As you work your way through your NaNoWriMo novels, we'd like you to keep in mind the importance of cover design. Even if you have the most sublimely-written masterpiece, nobody is going to pick it up to read it if it doesn't have a good cover. Your cover image is your advertisement, the first thing a potential reader sees, and what they'll judge your book on, whether they think they do or not. To that end, for the next couple weeks, we're bringing you posts about all aspects of cover design … [Read more...]

What to look for in a book cover designer

By Scarlett Ruger Finding the right book cover designer for you is not as painful as you think, I promise. Let’s imagine finding your designer is like finding the right book. Among its competition you can’t tell much, so you have to pick the book up and check it out to see if it’s right for you or not. Here are a few things to keep in mind in choosing a desiger: 1: The folio of work (aka the book cover) When scouting for book cover designers the first thing you should check out is their … [Read more...]


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