How to survive a bad book review

Reading bad reviews of your work can be tough – we might feel that they’re unsubstantiated, that the reviewer simply “didn’t get it,” or that they have a bone to pick with us personally for some reason.  Regardless, bad reviews can hurt, and we may feel tempted to respond in kind, with harsh words and criticism of our own. Three words:  don’t do it. Not once. (Okay, five words.) The one thing you’ll have to remember as an author with published material out in the world is that all sorts … [Read more...]

Avoid the meat-grinder! Creating a self-published book can be as easy as writing a blog


by Emily Craven I always had it in my head that something like Smashwords would be my first e-book platform: the easiest, the largest distributor, the least work. Then I looked at the style guide, and read the tax information and realised I needed to buckle on my superhero suit for that gauntlet. I’d had enough trouble deciding how to format my YA novel to look like Facebook, now I had to figure out how to stop the meat-grinder from turning my work into something resembling a 52,000 … [Read more...]

It’s dangerous out there; don’t go alone


The road to self-publishing success can often feel like quite a lonely one, but “independent” doesn’t necessarily have to mean “alone.”  There are entire communities built around self-published authors and aspiring writers coming together to help one another, be it with advice, resources, or simply a place to vent one’s frustrations to sympathetic ears. If you’ve decided to pursue the self-publishing route, you might want to look into what’s out there in the way of support for you and your … [Read more...]

How to make Facebook work for you

We want to make 2013 the year YOU break through! So we’ll be supplying some helpful tidbits on how to accomplish this. If you don’t already have a Facebook Page, we would highly suggest creating one. Facebook is one of the largest social networking sites, with more than 90 million active members; it is the most visited social network site out there right now. You can connect your blog (if you have one) to your Facebook Page by adding a hyperlink to your blog in the description area of the … [Read more...]

Enter the Jeffrey Archer Short Story Challenge!

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Are you in the process of writing a novel? If so, the Jeffrey Archer Short Story Challenge sponsored by Kobo and Curtis Brown Creative is the contest for you! One lucky winner will be awarded the grand prize of free enrolment in an upcoming Curtis Brown online novel writing course. How to Submit Authors should submit a 100-word short. The short can consist of any genre of fiction, as long as it stays within the 100-word limit. Submit Here Submission deadline: February 15, … [Read more...]

The Book Doctor’s Declaration of Independents

2012 was proof-positive that this is indeed the greatest time to be a writer.  The fastest selling book in history is now a self-published book.  There are so many more ways to get successfully published than there were five years ago—heck, more ways than there were when we started writing this sentence! That’s the good news. The bad news is that the corporatization of publishing has caused enormous changes in the book business.  As publishing houses merge (Penguin House/Random Penguin) and … [Read more...]

KWL Author sells book rights to Fox and M. Knight Shyamalan

0378 Crouch_Thicker Than Blood_2

Blake Crouch, bestselling author who also publishes through Kobo Writing Life, has recently announced the sale of the rights to his book Pines to the Fox network for development into a miniseries called Wayward Pines, to be directed by acclaimed director M. Knight Shyamalan. The cover to Pines was designed by Jeroen Ten Berge, illustrator and graphic artist, and guest poster here on the KWL blog. Check out his article on the best cover designs here! … [Read more...]


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