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Avoid the meat-grinder! Creating a self-published book can be as easy as writing a blog

by Emily Craven I always had it in my head that something like Smashwords would be my first e-book platform: the easiest, the largest distributor, the least work. Then I looked at the style guide, and read the tax information and realised I needed to buckle on my superhero suit for that gauntlet. I’d had enough trouble deciding how to

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It’s dangerous out there; don’t go alone

The road to self-publishing success can often feel like quite a lonely one, but “independent” doesn’t necessarily have to mean “alone.”  There are entire communities built around self-published authors and aspiring writers coming together to help one another, be it with advice, resources, or simply a place to vent one’s frustrations to sympathetic ears. If you’ve decided to pursue the

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The Book Doctor’s Declaration of Independents

2012 was proof-positive that this is indeed the greatest time to be a writer.  The fastest selling book in history is now a self-published book.  There are so many more ways to get successfully published than there were five years ago—heck, more ways than there were when we started writing this sentence! That’s the good news. The bad news is

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KWL Author sells book rights to Fox and M. Knight Shyamalan

Blake Crouch, bestselling author who also publishes through Kobo Writing Life, has recently announced the sale of the rights to his book Pines to the Fox network for development into a miniseries called Wayward Pines, to be directed by acclaimed director M. Knight Shyamalan. The cover to Pines was designed by Jeroen Ten Berge, illustrator and graphic artist, and guest

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Brain Pickings’ 9 Books on Reading and Writing

Brain Pickings is a fabulous compendium of what’s out there and related to creativity, thinking, culture and art. We highly recommend checking it out – in the meantime, here’s the list on how to read and write better:   1 The Elements of Style Illustrated –  marries Maira Kalman’s signature whimsy with Strunk and White’s indispensable style guide to create

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