The Creative Penn, Mark Lefebvre, and Kobo Writing Life


Another great self-publishing blog is The Creative Penn, by Joanna Penn: a writing, publishing and marketing blog. This week, Joanna interviews our own Mark Lefebvre about Kobo Writing Life! In her post, she mentions some great tips for KWL users, like: “Firstly, make sure there’s a link from your website. Many authors just list Amazon. Kobo wants to be a business partner with you as a publisher, a business-person. The Kobo dashboard contains information on where you sell in each market including a map of the world. Kobo is constantly working on their own search algorithm and refining it, as well as merchandising opportunities and lists. Ongoing, Kobo will be adding more possibilities to authors – they are constantly developing so watch this space!” Check out the interview … [Read more...]

Cyber Monday Sale!

Check out these fantastic self-published titles on sale for Cyber Monday only. Sale ends Nov 26th at 11:59pm. Use the promo code to get the discount. 50% off Promo code: 50cyber 30% off Promo code: 30cyber Happy reading! … [Read more...]

Milestone or millstone, your choice — part 1

(Or: actually completing your first book) “I know I have this book in me. If I could only…” Find the time, get down to it, organize myself, and so on. The excuses are as numerous as the numbers of unwritten books out there. We asked several of our authors what they did to complete that first book. Published many times over, authors Michelle Leighton, Barbara Freethy, Hugh Howey, Alison Brennan, and Phyllis Smallman, and Olivia Cunning are as different as romance and sci-fi fantasy. But they all share one important feature: there was a time when they hadn’t completed a single book. Here are their answers, unadulterated but for the odd spelling or punctuation correction. (Hey they’re authors, not editors!)   Tip 1: Write something – anything – every single day. Michelle … [Read more...]

Event: Self-publish & market your book

If you happen to be in the Toronto area, come to the Professional Writers Association of Canada’s event: Self-Publish & Market Your Book.  Thursday November 22nd, 2012 7pm – 9pm Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre, Room R318, 750 Spadina Avenue Toronto ON, M5S 2J2 Listen to author Harry van Bommel, freelance writer Paul Lima, and Kobo Writing Life’s own Mark Leslie Lefebvre as they participate on a panel that will cover such topics as writing and editing, design and layout, and self-promotion and publication. Don't miss it! Click here for more information and to register! … [Read more...]

Joe Nassise: A Real Class Act

Joseph Nassise: How to Format, Package & Self-Publish Your eBook

Joseph Nassise, a veteran of both traditional publishing and digital self-publishing has seen success in both worlds.  Through a combination of keeping an open mind, engaging in experimentation, and above all, adapting and persevering, he has been able to not only navigate the digital publishing world, but also help others on their journey. Joseph knows how to successfully format, package and sell a self-published book, and will be teaching a virtual class on exactly that topic via LitReactor starting November 26th. Joseph was a beta user for Kobo Writing Life and also recently provided fifteen days of Horrifying Hallowe'en Reads (See lucky Day Thirteen here) We recently asked Joseph a few questions about his own journey as a writer.   Tell us how you first discovered … [Read more...]

Twisting the plot for a great mystery

What makes for a great mystery novel is something of a mystery to us. So we turned to one of the more successful writers  in the genre, Connie Shelton, author of the Charlie Parker and Samantha Sweet series, for some clues on what separates a good thriller from no-thrill-at-all. According to Shelton, sometimes all that’s lacking is a good plot twist, and she offered some great advice for giving your story that extra bit of oomph which keeps pages turning and readers coming back to you for more. Shelton had a few suggestions on what not to do, how to plan the ‘surprise’ in your story, and how to generate ideas to keep your plot from plodding along. First, the thrill-killers: Bad timing. A surprise that comes too early or too late in the story loses impact. Burning down the … [Read more...]

My writing life — Barbara Freethy

Barbara Freethy

Barbara Freethy has been making up stories most of her life. She is a New York Times bestselling author of more than of 31 novels of romance, women's fiction and romantic suspense. Some readers might know her books for Silhouette, where she wrote under the pen name Kristina Logan; Barbara became a full-on indie author in 2011 when she published Summer Secrets. Though she’s lived life on both sides of the publishing world,  her best piece of advice to writers is “understand that no matter what path of publishing you take it’s a long haul. Very few people make a career off one book. You put up one story and start working on the next. And some day you’ll have a full list of books and hopefully a booming career!” Here’s more of what Barbara has to say about her writing life: When did … [Read more...]


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