Horrifying Hallowe’en Reads – Day Fifteen

Halloween's here and with it the end of our journey together. It's been fun sharing my gruesome finds with all of you and I hope you've found at least one new book or author to enjoy as the nights grow longer and the dark grows deeper. I have one more find to share with you today, plus a few comments to make about two of my own tales, before we close the book on our little adventure together. Most of us have something we fear. Something that sets off that primal warning system deep in our psyche, that starts shouting as us to run even before we've managed to get a grip on the situation. Hospitals do that to me. Just setting foot inside one sends my pulse racing and my head darting from side to side as I subconsciously searching for a way back out. Fear might be too strong a word, … [Read more...]

Horrifying Hallowe’en Reads – Day Fourteen

It's Day Fourteen of our fifteen day journey and I've got a real treat for you today. Two new books - and when I say new, I mean new, as both of these volumes have just come out in the last couple of weeks! One is a young adult tale from the acclaimed author of the Generation Dead series, Daniel Waters, that is also perfect for adults. The other is a supernatural western from newcomer Rob DeBorde that will satisfy fans of horror and dark fantasy alike. BREAK MY HEART 1,000 TIMESDaniel Waters Living in the aftermath of the Event means that seeing the dead is now a part of life, but Veronica wishes that the ghosts would just move on. Instead, the ghosts aren’t disappearing—they’re gaining power. When Veronica and her friend, Kirk, decide to investigate why, they stumble upon a more … [Read more...]

Horrifying Hallowe’en Reads – Day Thirteen

Halloween is just around the corner and I can’t think of a better time to dive into Al Sarrantonio’s Orangefield trilogy, which is why you are getting three books today instead of the usual two. While each of the three books can stand well enough on their own, the common setting and familiar characters make them a real treat to read one after another, especially in the midst of the Halloween season. Sarrantonio has long been praised as a master of the atmospheric tale in a style similar to that of Charlie Grant and these three books certainly capture the flavor of Halloween in the northeastern U.S. Horrorween Al Sarrantonio For untold ages a dark presence has shrouded the small town of Orangefield. In addition to the plentiful pumpkins that gave the town its name. Orangefield is … [Read more...]

Horrifying Hallowe’en Reads – Day Twelve

I'm a sucker for a well-written debut novel. It wasn't all that long ago that I was walking into a bookstore and searching the shelves for my first published work. I remember what an emotional roller coaster that was and just how badly I wanted that first book to find an audience that loved it as much as I did. More often than not it is simple word of mouth that takes a book from middle-of-the-road sales to sales that makes the publisher sit up and take notice. In today's installment of Horrifying Hallowe'en Reads, I wanted to do my part to pass the word on a couple of debut novels that deserve to have people talking about them. THE INQUISITORMark Allen Smith Geiger has a gift: he knows a lie the instant he hears it. And in his business—called "information retrieval" by its … [Read more...]

Horrifying Hallowe’en Reads – Day Eleven

When I was first starting out in my writing career, one of the classic pieces of advice I'd hear was the recommendation to start with short fiction and then gradually make your way up to writing a novel. Sometimes I still hear that advice given to your writers today and I have to admit that it puzzles me now as much as it did back then. Writing a quality piece of short fiction is no easy task; I'd rather tackle a novel length work any day of the week then try to shoehorn all I have to say on a particular topic into a couple dozen pages or less. Thankfully, there are others out there with far more skill than I in this particular area and I wanted to use today's entry to introduce you to two of them. PENTACLE - A SELF COLLECTIONTom Piccirilli PENTACLE collects the classic tales of an … [Read more...]

Horrifying Hallowe’en Reads – Day Ten

For every monster there is a hunter. Someone who puts their life on the line to protect the innocent and the unwary. Someone who stands in the gap and says this much and no farther. Someone who draws a line in the sand and declares that the killing ends here and now. Today’s Horrifying Hallowe’en selections highlight two such hunters. In each case they are young, resourceful women who find themselves suddenly on their own in a world that is far more dangerous than they ever suspected or believed and who must rise to the occasion to protect not only themselves but the uninitiated around them. STRANGE ANGELSLili St. Crow Dru Anderson has what her grandmother called “the touch.” (Comes in handy when you’re traveling from town to town with your dad, hunting ghosts, suckers, wulfen, … [Read more...]

Horrifying Hallowe’en Reads – Day Nine

Good versus evil. Light versus Darkness. Heaven versus Hell. The never-ending battle for control of our world has always been a staple in horror fiction. So much so, in fact, that it has almost become a cliché. Then, right about the time you start to feel as if this age-old conflict just isn’t scary anymore, a writer comes along – two, in this case – who reminds you that it isn’t the darkness that is so troublesome, but rather what lurks within it. LONDON MACABRESteve Savile A man walks confidently through the night time streets. He is Nathaniel Seth, is one of the Brethren, a shadow society of occult dabblers and black magickers who hide away in the darkest parts of the city, in corners where they could not be seen by polite society. Little did Seth know that his own life was only … [Read more...]


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