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My Writing Life – Tina Folsom

Tina started writing in earnest in 2008 and is the author of nine full length novels and a number of short stories  in the paranormal and erotic romance genre. She’s a self-publishing success story, having sold more than 450,000 copies of her books in both print and eBook formats. Her most popular series, Scanguards Vampires, is sold in 4 languages (English,

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Muse vs Market – The Best Path to Indie Success

Indie superstar turned publishing house darling Amanda Hocking was highly tactical when she set out to be successful at writing books. She did field research – studying bookstore shelves. She did industry research, and studied sales data. She read the competition. According to a New York Times Magazine profile, she figured out that romance was “an evergreen when it came

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The Case for Beta Readers

A great book is most often a collaborative effort despite what we know about the loneliness of the craft of writing. Editors smooth out the narrative and copyeditors ensure pristine spelling and grammar. But a lot of self-published authors also find value in giving their manuscripts or unfinished, unvarnished work to what we call “beta readers”, those “testers” who can

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In Collaboration with Blake Crouch

In collaboration: How (and why) to write with other people Blake Crouch is a prolific writer of thrillers, horrors and paranormal adventures, an author with some 13 novels under his belt plus novellas, short stories and collections. He has collaborated with other writers on several books, the most recent being Eerie, which he wrote with his brother Jordan. Eerie will

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Linking to Kobo

[Dec 2013 – EDITORIAL NOTE/UPDATE:  With recent updates made to the Kobo website in most English language territories around the world, the method to link directly to Kobo eBooks has changed.  The “=ISBN” link now returns a search result with the ISBN specified as the first search result – requiring a reader to click on that item to go to

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