National Novel Writing Month


November 1st marks the start of the exciting National Novel Writing Month, also known as NaNoWriMo. Kobo Writing Life is sponsoring this epic race for writers, and we have put together our own team who will be participating.   Introducing the Kobo Writing Life KoboWriMo Team: Mark Lefebvre, Director, Kobo Writing Life Kobo HQ: Toronto, Canada Preparation so far: I re-read Evasion, making notes about specific details that I need to ensure are consistent in the sequel. I wrote up about … [Read more...]

Fright for your Write: Part 4 (Characterization)

By Craig Dilouie Good characters are absolutely vital in horror fiction. They're the key to empathy, which is vital to project the experience of horror. Characters stand in for the reader. What they feel, the reader should feel. If a good character feels genuine terror, so will the reader. First, we have to make sure the reader cares about what happens to him or her. How do we do that? Author Talia Vance says, "Make your characters relatable, likable and give them a personal stake in … [Read more...]

7 Tips for Making the Most of Your Book Series (Part 1)

publicity shot-JulianneMacLean

By Julianne MacLean Back in 1999 when I sold my first book to Harlequin, very few historical romance authors were writing novels as part of a series. Each contract I signed was a one-book deal, but I soon discovered that building a devoted readership with one standalone book every twelve months was a steep uphill climb. Later, when I moved to Avon, the success of romance authors like Jo Beverley, Julia Quinn and Stephanie Laurens had made it clear that readers love returning to the … [Read more...]

I’d Rather Not Be Talking to You but I’m Writing This Book: How a Shy Writer Tackles Research


By Shayna Krishnasamy When I first started writing in high school I would often find myself restricting my stories to the only subjects I understood: family life, adolescent girl cliques, suburbia. I did this because the idea of pretending knowledge of a subject I didn’t understand inside and out—like, say, the police force, or scuba diving, or ballet school—made me terribly nervous, and the things I would have to do to research such topics seemed impossible. I was the girl who would … [Read more...]

Horror Selfies: Because Not Reading is Scary!


The Horror Writers Association (HWA) has recently launched the Horror Selfies campaign, just in time for the Halloween season, in an effort to highlight the exceptional work, both literary and cinematic, produced by the horror genre. Inspired by the popular “Say it with a Sign” meme—used by everyone from Ellen DeGeneres and Jon Bon Jovi, to David Beckham and Princes William and Harry—the HWA is utilizing the vast reach of social media to provide a platform through which people can tell the … [Read more...]

Fright for your Write: Part 3 (Plot)


By Craig Dilouie Now we're ready to get past the idea and into nuts and bolts. Which means plot and characters. Let's start with plot. Plot begins with the basic three-act structure. We have the normal, the horror element changes everything, and then we have the new normal. Setup, confrontation and resolution. A family moves into a new house to make a fresh start. The town is terrorized by a werewolf, which the family must fight to survive. The family defeats the werewolf, and the … [Read more...]

So, About That Cover: A Cover Artist Weighs in On Typography


We've said it before and we'll say it again: Authors planning to self-publish should not make their own book covers. That's what professional cover artists are for! However, even if you're letting someone else take over the design and creation of your cover, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be well-informed about the process. Understanding how book covers are designed and why certain aesthetic choices are made can only help authors make the right choices when hiring a cover artist and … [Read more...]


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