Romance Writing Life Shortlist Announced


Congratulations to the Authors Shortlisted for our 2015 Romance Writing Life Awards. Romance Writing Life was created in the hopes of discovering talented new writers of Romance. The author who wins the grand prize might be a savvy mid-list author with several self-published books under their belt who’s looking to break into print, or a creative writing student eager to

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How My $19.99 Boxed Set Became a #1 Kobo Bestseller


Lately, it feels like the loudest voices in the indie community are all about exclusivity and low eBook prices. Well, here’s a story that disproves everything you’ve read recently: a $20 boxed set hit #1 on our charts. Author Lauren Royal generously offered to share the details here. KWL: What inspired you to put together the Chase Family boxed set?

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Critique: Calibrate Your Expectations Before Using this Tool


by Chris Mandeville I’ve been perfecting my recipe for Coq au Vin for years. I use the happiest, most humanely raised poultry, a decent French Burgundy, organic farm-fresh veggies, and my own secret blend of herbs. The other night I prepared this special dish for my critique group—we always eat dinner before discussing our writing—and because my critique partner Aaron is a

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Kobo Writing Life Podcast – Episode 040 – Bryan Cohen

While every author has heard the age old advice that it’s important to have a professional looking and beautiful cover that appeals to the book’s target audience, not as much attention has been paid to the blurb, description or “sales copy” that helps inspire the potential reader to click that all important BUY button. This interview with Bryan Cohen, author

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