How to Host a Platform Party


How can authors target readers on a specific platform? What’s the best way to educate your audience about their book-buying and eReader options, to ensure they’re happy with their digital reading experience? … [Read more...]

I Have a Big Anniversary Coming Up.


By Kate Hilton On May 7th, it will be exactly two years since I self-published The Hole in the Middle. I remember it vividly. I was excited and proud and absolutely terrified. Self-publishing took every bit of courage that I had, pushed me far beyond the limits of what was comfortable or familiar, and changed my life. Self-publishing was also the smartest career move I could have made to establish myself as a writer. Sometime around my 40th birthday, I decided that I wanted to write a novel. I wanted it badly enough to hire a babysitter and write on Sunday afternoons for a three hour block, for three years, until I had a book that was ready for a wider audience. And then I set about submitting it to agents. For a lot of my life, people (notably my mother, but others as well) have … [Read more...]

GMC: The Swiss Army Knife of Writing Tools

52 Ways

by Chris Mandeville One of the best things I ever did for my fiction writing was determine what my main character wants, why she wants it, and what’s in the way of her getting it. Figuring this out helped me know my character better (obviously), but also helped me to plot more effectively, build tougher villains, raise the stakes, and increase tension in my story. And I accomplished all this through the use of one tiny but powerful tool, “GMC.” I guess you could say GMC is the Swiss Army Knife of writing tools—compact, multi-functional, indispensable, and fits neatly in your pocket. I never leave home without it. And now you can have one, too. But it’s not sold for a low, low price via a very special television offer that’s only good for the next ten minutes. No, it’s available in … [Read more...]

To Submit or Not to Submit: 5 Arguments for Entering Writing Contests

By Shayna Krishnasamy When I was a young creative writing student I used to keep track of all the writing contests. I'd bookmark the contest pages on the websites of all the literary magazines. I'd make lists of due dates, word count limitations, themes, restrictions. Sometimes I'd even print out the submission forms. But did I ever actually send in a submission? Well... If you're a new writer, a writing student, or just nervous about sharing your work for the first time, submitting your story or novel to a writing contest can be incredibly daunting. You might find yourself coming up with any excuse to avoid actually submitting your work. You'll convince yourself that your story isn't polished enough, your first chapter doesn't have enough of a hook, you don't know how to write a … [Read more...]

Kobo Writing Life Podcast – Episode 031 – Alex P. Berg


Kobo Writing Life Director Mark Lefebvre interviews Alex P. Berg, author of the “Daggers and Steele” fantasy mystery series. In the interview Mark and Alex talk about: Meeting at the Superstars Writing Seminars in Colorado Springs, CO. What Alex calls “The Superstars Effect” How, when Alex had finished his novel and started querying agents and publishers, he ended up getting nowhere fast. That was when his wife gave him a proverbial kick in the pants, telling him that if he was serious about this writing thing, he better figure out a way to get it done. The effect of seeing how hard the pro writers presenting at the Superstars Writing Seminars worked to achieve their success combined with their passion for it and how that inspire Alex to keep at it. Starting out as a fan of … [Read more...]



    Publishing giant Mills & Boon, high-street bookseller WHSmith, online eBook retailer Kobo along with the self-publishing platform Kobo Writing Life have partnered up to the end of offering  the Romance Writing Life competition. The winning novelist will be awarded the grand prize of a publishing contract with  Mills & Boon, including both print and digital release. The book will be jointly promoted by Kobo, Mills & Boon and WHSmith. Second and third prize winners will be awarded the brand new Kobo Glo HD. Authors will submit a synopsis and first chapter of their romance novel, up to a maximum of 5,500 words, which will be reviewed by a judging panel.   Romance Writing Life was created in the hopes of discovering talented new writers … [Read more...]

Join in with our authors in London!

LSEvent Free Word

  Kobo Writing Life is glad to offer a unique opportunity for all book lovers to meet up with some of the most successful independent authors at the Free Word Centre.       Online Free Ticketing       Authors   Melody Anne Fabio Bueno Diane Capri Ruth Cardello Jillian Dodd Rebecca Donovan Steena Holmes Chris Keniston Julia Kent CC Mackenzie Raine Miller Lee Strauss Michelle Valentine H.M.Ward   Join/Share The Facebook Page:  Here   Questions? Please email Emily Lalone:   See You at:  The Free Word Centre 60 Farringdon Road London EC1R 3GA Telephone: 020 7324 2570 … [Read more...]


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